Who wants to write documentation for Lemmy?

If you would like to contribute to Lemmy, then documentation is one part where we can definitely need help. You can find a link to the current documentation at the bottom of this page. Particularly documentation for users is very hard for us developers to write, because we are just too deep into the…

Alt text for images?

I don’t see any option to add a caption for images. I think it’s a must…

Is it possible to search only in a specific community?

Wondering if this is possible. I couldn’t find any option on the search page that allowed to specifically search in a community…

Why is not in the instance lists or the Join a Server list?

The instance is outdated, the federation isn’t working, but the server seems active. I’m not an user there, but they look cool. Sorry if the post is not interesting to the community…

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bookmarklet to post the page you're on to lemmy
javascript:(function(){window.location.href = "" + encodeURI(window.document.title) + "&url=" + encodeURI(window.location.href);})()...

I mentioned before that I do this but someone asked for the Python script I use so I wanted to make it available for anyone else. …

Contributing to lemmy by running an instance

I’m obviously exhausted with reddit and other clones. Lemmy is simple, clean, and fast.

Can't access Lemmy without VPN

I tried to log inn to dev.lemmy a few days ago, with no luck. I finaly posted in the Lemmy Matrix-chat, and asked if the service was down for anyone else. Two responded and said Lemmy was working fine for them. After learning this, I tries connecting to Lemmy via my NordVPN. Everything is working co…

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

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