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Best technology to use in a web app to alert a user

We have a web app for use with a wearable thermometer that shows all the temperatures of people wearing them. We want to alert the web app user when a temperature exceeds a threshold that a fever has been detected. Any recommendations for how to do this? Preferably the alert is audible… a low-tech tool to keep your builds updated | staticadventures

Do you find it hard to keep updated all your git projects and rebuild everything when updates are available? Well it may be easy for a handful project, but what do you do when there’s a dozen of them? …


Why-AreWeUsing-BothDashes-And-CamelCase? It creates unnecessary ambiguous situations where you don’t know if a command is Word-Word-Word, Word-WordWord or WordWord-Word. It’s like how PHP names its primitives all over again. Both dashed-separated-commands and CamelCase commands are fine, just,…

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