Support / questions about Lemmy.

how to show subscribed communities by default

If I logout and then log back in, Lemmy always starts showing all posts from all communities, but I’d like it to start showing only the one I’m subscribed to. …

How to get the notifications bell to only show pending/unread messages?

Currently on Lemmy, at the right of the notification bell there’s always a non zero number, which matches the amount of answers, total I’ve gotten from my posts. …

I don't receive emails when someone replies to me

I have email notifications enabled, but I don’t receive them anymore…

Handing of requests about non-existing communities and users

Hi again rodents,
I don’t know if this was already answered; seems like it hasn’t been asked here on lemmy, but due to slow internet I can’t properly check on github right now…

How do I post without adding a URL?

I can’t seem to post to c/asklemmy without adding a URL…

Are dms e2e encrypted between recipients?

Just curious if that is the case. I assume not as Lemmy does not advertise it’s encryption at all. …

Allow user accounts to be deleted

Permananently Deleted

Will get federated in the future?

I know there are other instances (I think that is what the test Lemmy’s are) that are experimenting with federation. Will this instance get federated down the line?..

It's sad how many people are against Lemmy because of its non-removable slur filter.

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it needs to be said. It’s a fucking slur filter, the developers have so far only put actual slurs in it, ones whose primary purpose to insult a (usually already marginalized) group of people. Yes, the slur filter is far from perfect and can cause…

When will Lemmy support 2FA?

Obviously sms 2fa would be challenging to impliment. But I don’t know how hard it would be for Lemmy to use app based 2FA…

Is there an Android app available? Would it be possible to integrate with something like Fedilab?

Coming over from Reddit; this is my first step into the Fediverse. I’ve heard stories about how all the servers are connected, since it’s all the same protocol… but I have no idea how that works in practice. …

How can I help?

So I just started using Lemmy and love it so far. It’s like the early internet. I have some coding/software experience and work in tech as a tester. I’d be interested in helping out however I can with this project…

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"Register, IP., 3 per 3600 seconds"

Is this meant to be a throttling error? I’m trying to create a community but… seems like that IP is… yeah. …

I really would like test Lemmy, but last tagged release version is jun 23. Will be update in the near future?..

Federated communities

Can communities (or subreddits) follow other communities from different instances ? …

Support / questions about Lemmy.

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